Founded in 1987 by three engineers that immigrated from the Soviet Union, Forum Engineering Technologies is a leader in electronic dental medical devices and advanced dental equipment.

Forum’s first products were advanced vacuum porcelain furnaces that made possible to achieve the best results with any kind of porcelain materials and ensures unmatched flexibility of baking process. Microcomputer based electronics and other achievements of latest furnace technology led to a versatile, reliable, high performance and affordable design.

The company owns unique patented technology in the apex locators field. Its first apex locator – Bingo-1020 – was introduced in 1998. Various models of apex locators based on this technology are produced and marketed by Forum both as its own brands and as OEM products distributed under brand names of leading international dental companies. Approximately 30% of the apex locators’ business is based on Forum’s technology.

Several innovative technologies have been developed by Forum over the years and new products utilizing these technologies are planned to be introduced to the market soon. Forum’s Implant Locator, an innovative concept in the field of implantology, was introduced in 2016 and is already being distributed in many territories.

Unique & patented products


Meet the products that define us

Bingo Pro

Bingo Pro apex locator has been optimized based on Forum’s
proven technology and measurement precision of our well known Bingo-1020 device.  Bingo Pro implements a unique full color 3D user interface and provides full file tracking along the root canal.

Leaflet | Manual | Technical Specifications

NovApex N31

Compact and ergonomic apex locator that takes up minimal space during
treatment and storage. The NovApex has a color LCD display with large apical zone. Progressive sound control with four volume levels allows better control. Low power consumption enables long operation with standard lithium ion cells.

Leaflet | Manual | Technical Specifications

Implant Locator

Locating implants buried under gum tissue is a complex and a painful procedure.
The process requires severing the gums to expose the implants. The Implant Locator accurately detects implants covered by gum tissue in a two-stage implantology.

Leaflet | Manual | Technical Specifications


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Accuracy of Working Length Determination using NovApex and Root-ZX Apex Locators: An in vitro Study
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Influence of pulp condition on the accuracy of an electronic foramen locator in posterior teeth
Evaluation of four electronic apex locators in teeth with simulated horizontal oblique root fractures
Comparison Between the Accuracy of NovApex Apex Locator and Radiographs in Determining Radiographic Apex



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